Bringing Gelson’s to Manhattan Beach

Why Gelson’s Markets?

We looked at the landscape of specialty grocers and Gelson’s Markets was most impressive. But it was more than a marketing decision, we liked their definition of success: “Our success is based solely on the loyalty of customers who share our passion for incomparable quality, attentive service and immaculate presentation.” That is exactly the type of commitment we wanted for our community and would expect from a sophisticated, quality tenant such as Gelson’s Markets.

Why not a hotel or other use?

We want to add a first-class amenity to Manhattan Beach and feel that a specialty market like Gelson’s is the best fit for our community. A mid-priced hotel or an office building would not only be taller and larger than the current buildings on site, but they would also be less community serving than a grocery market.

As parents we feel there are enough fast food restaurants along Sepulveda. And the City’s zoning allows for a specialty market on the site.

Further, a 2015 study by the Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce reports that Manhattan Beach experiences significant “leakage” of grocery sales tax dollars to neighboring cities. Gelson’s will help eliminate this leakage by keeping this revenue in the City.

What are you doing to address traffic?

To improve traffic flows and help cut down on cars heading into the neighborhood to the west, we are closing the current driveway onto 6th Street. The primary entrance and exit will be onto Sepulveda. To make entering and exiting the site efficient, we have designed the Project to accommodate a deceleration lane into the Project from Sepulveda. In addition, we are working with the City to add an additional eastbound lane on 8th at Sepulveda, contiguous to the Project. Furthermore, the City is modifying the signal at 8th and Sepulveda to provide dedicated left turn arrows for north and southbound traffic.

All traffic and parking was exhaustively studied by an independent certified traffic consultant and the City’s traffic engineer. The report clearly concludes that there are no significant impacts created by the Project that cannot be mitigated and that the Project will be parked consistent with City policy and other comparable retail projects.

What are you doing to ensure employees and customers don’t park on neighborhood streets?

With the new traffic flow improvements, shoppers will appreciate the convenience of parking on site. We will not have any cut-thru entrances/gates from the rear of the property along Larsson Street. This will dissuade people from parking in the neighborhood. Gelson’s Markets will institute a strict policy to ensure that employees do not park on residential streets.

What is the approval process & timeline?

The Manhattan Beach Planning Commission approved the Gelson’s Market project on March 22, 2017.

Unfortunately, the project was then appealed by two residents opposing the project. The City Council is now scheduled to hear the project at its meeting on May 2, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.

Residents are encouraged to contact Paragon Commercial Group if you have any questions or would like to schedule a meeting. We remain committed to our community outreach program, which has been ongoing for nearly two years and look forward to hearing from you. Our phone number is: (310) 807-3370.

Who is the developer proposing this project?

Paragon Commercial Group is an El Segundo headquartered retail development firm with over 80 years of collective retail experience and a retail resume in excess of 12 million square feet of neighborhood shopping centers. Paragon is unique in that it enters into each development with the expectation of long-term ownership and therefore acquires and constructs only the highest quality retail centers. This commitment to quality extends to each constituency involved in the development process including neighbors, government agencies, tenants and shoppers.

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