Community Support

Bringing Gelson’s to Manhattan Beach

Project Receives Formal Endorsement from the Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce


We appreciate the overwhelming support the project has received from residents throughout Manhattan Beach. Read below to see what the community is saying about bringing Gelson’s to Manhattan Beach.

“I do not drive because of poor vision. The new Gelson’s will be a high quality destination within a safe ten minute walk of our home on 3rd St. If my wife who drives, is sick or out of town, I currently have no good places to go for meals and food shopping. The new Gelson’s will be life improving if not lifesaving for me. Also the current building is an eyesore to our neighborhood. We can do better!”

“I have lived in Manhattan Beach for 25+ years and have a family of 5. I grew up with a Gelson’s in my hometown and it was central to our hometown feel. The food and service is top notch. So much of Sepulveda Blvd. is filled with rundown, empty buildings or fast food locations. It will be nice to have a thriving business like Gelson’s take root. My family can walk to Gelson’s, which is also a plus.”

“I truly welcome a Gelson’s Market to our city!  Your store fits our town’s demographic perfectly and will be a huge asset to the community. I have been hoping Gelson’s would open a store here for the last 20 years. Some people fear change; even positive change.”

“I want to voice my absolute support for the building of Gelson’s. An upscale market south of Sepulveda is absolutely needed and a welcome addition to the city. With all the upscale homes and upscale community, a store like Gelson’s is a natural.”

“As a Manhattan Beach resident and working mother, I would love to have a Gelson’s market in MB. Having a quality market nearby would make our lives easier. I am in full support of your project.”

“Build it and we will come!”

“Developing this site into a high quality market is a significant improvement over what has been there and goes a long way to improving shopping options in the “middle” part of Manhattan Beach.  Maintaining the profile of the building (adding no additional height) is a plus, as is the planned parking.  We have a busy highway running through our community and improving the retail offerings on this stretch will not change the traffic pattern or damage our neighborhood. It sounds like considerable thought is being put into the planning to make it best for everyone in Manhattan Beach.”

“Great idea and a well needed amenity on the west side of Sepulveda. It will likely increase the value of local homes since this great amenity will be walkable for so many in the Hill section.”

“As a 42-year resident of Manhattan Beach, I definitely think your project is well designed to accommodate a need of an additional grocer in the trade area and without pushing overall site density too high.”

“Grew up in the valley and love Gelson’s Market. The use would be a good fit for the site and an added service to the community.”

“I love the idea of Gelson’s coming in and beautifying our neighborhood. The current property looks horrible. I support your company coming into Manhattan Beach. Most companies that are here support the local high school/athletics, etc. I assume you would do the same.”

“I am thrilled to have Gelson’s Market come to Manhattan Beach! It is by far the best market around today.  I go to the one in the Marina or the one in the Valley whenever possible.”

“I believe Gelson’s would be a great addition to the community.”

“I currently have to go to Gelson’s in Marina Del Rey. I do not understand why we only have one quality market in Manhattan Beach.”

“I grew up with Gelson’s being our primary market and would be very happy to have one so close.”

“I have lived in Manhattan Beach for over 60 years and that site needs something nice. Bring on Gelson’s.”

“Great idea and a well needed amenity on the west side of Sepulveda. It will likely increase the value of local homes since this great amenity will be walkable for so many in the Hill section.”

“As a MB resident, our family looks forward to the conversion of a vacant property into a more attractive and convenient grocery option.”

“Gelson’s Market is a world class place to do your shopping. My wife ranks Gelson’s at the absolute top of her shopping experience. Manhattan Beach would be enriched in every way with a Gelson’s!”

“We live within walking distance of the proposed site. We would love to have a Gelson’s Market at that site and would love going to the store for groceries.”

“I’m a 37 year resident of Manhattan Beach and strongly support a high quality business as Gelson’s proposal at 8th & Sepulveda Blvd. Gelson’s, in my opinion, might serve as a magnet store to help redevelop the neglected commercial properties along our Sepulveda business corridor.”

“We are greatly supportive of a new Gelsons at this location. We have lived in MB for over 25 years. Change is inevitable and ongoing. It can be annoying at times especially when the result does not enhance community living. THIS IS NOT THE CASE WITH THIS PROJECT. Gelsons would be a asset both financially for the town and personally for the residents. They carry quality products often not found in other markets. We would be happy with this addition to our town.”

“My family has owned our home since 1957. Sepulveda has always been a commercial/transportation corridor. I strongly feel that Gelson’s would be a welcomed neighborhood style grocery store. It would enhance the plighted southern section of MB Sepulveda. It would provide a closer sense of community by its walkability to its surrounding homes. I don’t understand all the negativity….. IT’S AN ABSOLUTELY SUITABLE FIT!”

“We just moved to MB a couple months ago and love it here. Our previous residence was in Long Beach where Gelsons opened a store in late 2013. The products are top notch and the food bar area is to die for, not to mention the wine bar and rooftop area. This is why we are so excited to hear about a potential new Gelsons opening in MB. I hope this comes to scale soon, as you have our full support!”

Sampling Of Project Supporters Who Provided Street Addresses


What types of community involvement does Gelson’s support?

Good Neighbor

We currently have 25 stores, half of which are commercial areas that neighbor residential areas. We work with our neighbors to become a valuable addition to their community by:

  • Listening to our neighbors,
  • Merchandising our stores with a mixture of daily needs products as well as unique and interesting grocery items,
  • Hiring locally to provide employment opportunities,
  • Providing store tours and educational opportunities for local schools,
  • Offering healthy living assistance from a Gelson’s staff dietician,
  • Improving food options for customers with dietary restrictions or who keep kosher, and
  • Supporting children in the communities we serve through cash and in-kind donations to educational foundations, schools, sports teams and more.

Donation Philosophy

We consider it a privilege to serve our communities. Gelson’s supports community issues relating to education, health & wellness and hunger in the communities we serve. Each year, Gelson’s donates millions of dollars in food to local Southern California food banks in partnership with local food banks like Second Harvest, Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, Food Finders, Foodbank of SB, and SOVA. Additionally, Gelson’s offers Scrip to schools and religious institutions as an opportunity to earn 5% on purchases.

Gelson’s prides itself on supporting the arts and culture of Southern California through partnerships with local theaters, museums, music venues, and others through donations of food and advertising support for non-profit cultural partners and exclusive contests and discounts for Gelson’s customers to attend performances.


Many of our customers have pets; they love them and treat them as family members. We partner with non-profit dog and cat adoption groups to find “forever homes” for pets. To date, we have successfully found homes for over 200 pets. In addition, Gelson’s carries a wide variety of high quality cat and dog food products that are typically unavailable at conventional grocery stores.

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